Plains Zebra, South Africa

In 2009 I was on picture Safari in South Africa for several days in Kruger Park. The zebras and impalas often graze together and the video is a common site you will see if you ever get to go on Safari. I captured this video using a Nikon D-90 and a 70-300 zoom lens. For a photo shoot like this you really should have two cameras. On this shoot I also had a Kodak pocket camera with me. I was able to capture some pictures that I would have otherwise missed.

Safari means, “trip or long journey” in Swahili. A safari, by far, is one of the best adventures you will ever take.

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Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station

In 1976 I went to Ashtabula, Ohio to see my friend's lounge band perform, and on the way home the next day I drove past the flying saucer gas station on route 20 ("Gas-N-Go"). I picked up my Super 8 camera and filmed the scene as we sat at the light. My friend is the person hanging out the truck door. He can be seen in several other of my videos on this site (the magician). 30 years later I converted the film to digital video and used Vegas Pro to restore it. I used a picture from to help with the color restoration. The audio was added during restoration since it was filmed on a silent super 8 film camera. I remember that the day I filmed this (through the windshield of my car) it was a miserable cold and damp day.

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Snow Cone Cart - Navsari, Gujarat, India

The day before I left Navsari I saw a school bus dropping off children at their homes. I saw the snow cone cart so I grabbed my camera and filmed the children buying snow cones. They first rushed into the house to get some money and their metal cups to buy their favorite flavor.
It reminded me of when I was a kid and the ice cream truck drove through the neighborhood playing the music. Popsicle time!

Recorded February 1, 2010 on a Sony HDR-XR520.

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View from the George V , Sao Paulo, Brazil

I stayed at the George V Alto de Pinheiros on one of my trips to Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the view from the balcony. Hand held shot from a Nikon D90. The hotel is quite nice but a bit out of the way if you want to be closer to shopping and night time entertainment. But nothing is ever too far from fun when you are in the big city.
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