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This is the companion site to my Blog. Photos on this site were taken with a variety of cameras and are not necessarily intended to be works of art. The photos simply document my life and travels with a camera.

A Few Recent Photos

  • Akron Canton Airport

    Akron–Canton Airport is a commercial airport in the city of Green, in southern Summit County, Ohio, about 14 miles southeast of Akron and 10 miles northwest of Canton. It is jointly operated by Summit County and Stark County.

  • Akron Canton Airport

    Bombardier CRJ200

  • Fun At The Pool

    Great day for enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Bruma Market World

    Bruma Market World offers a large and very diverse shopping experience. A journey through a variety of colours, tastes and textures that the African continent has to offer. Bruma Market World is a melting pot of nations, cultures and tribes.

  • RiverTown St Johns Florida

    RiverTown main entrance in the distance.

  • Fiat 500

    Seen at the Riverplace Shopping Center, Jacksonville, FL


    HSNEF 12 year anniversary with the grand show at the University Of North Florida.

  • Anhinga

    RiverTown, St Johns, Florida

  • Anhinga

    The Enclaves Pond, RiverTown, St Johns, Florida.

  • Red-bellied woodpecker

    Its common name is somewhat misleading, as the most prominent red part of its plumage is on the head

  • Saturday Morning

    Ready to start picking out new plants and flowers.

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