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Harold Brown | Bhaga Video

This is the companion site to my Blog. Photos on this site were taken with a variety of cameras and are not necessarily intended to be works of art. The photos simply document my life and travels with a camera.

A Few Recent Photos

  • McCormick Farmall

    Super A Tractor manufactured from 1947 - 1954. Gervasi Vineyard and Winery

  • Eastern Amberwing

    Flying just above the lake for a while this guy decided to take a break.

  • Red Admiral

    Took this picture while eating on the patio of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

  • Bocce Ball

    The big play at Gervasi Vineyard and Winery

  • 1907 Cadillac M

    In 1906, Cadillac introduced new single-cylinder models named the K and M

  • Summit Mall

    Looking West toward Macy's and Bravo

  • 1950 Ford Custom

    Wrap around bumpers and "bullet" grill set it apart from other cars of the day

  • Trapped

    The spider catches the unexpected

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